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"Have you ever experienced sexism in the beer industry?"

Brienne Allan (aka @ratmagnet) Instagram post posed a simple question: "Have you ever experienced sexism in the beer industry?"

The response was an overwhelming deluge of first-hand accounts of harassment, misogyny, discrimination and worse. Thousands of brewers and industry affiliates shared the details of their experiences. Names were named. High-profile individuals stepped down from their positions. The industry experienced a reckoning - and more change is still due.

The Brave Noise Collaboration 

Established by Notch Brewing in Massachusetts, the Brave Noise collaboration is an opportunity for breweries to call attention to the cause, and help create a discrimination-free beer industry. To participate, breweries are required to establish and publish their own Code of Conduct, make a charitable donation from this brew to support a relevant organization whose mission supports the goals of the collaboration, and above all: to commit to the change this industry needs

Our Brave Noise Brew

For Trademark Brewing, it was never a question - we were absolutely going to make a Brave Noise beer. Many of our team have spent their careers in service and hospitality, and the stories posted by Brienne rang true. We want to redefine the norm and create the environment that everyone in our industry deserves. 

Our values include a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We have a diverse team, including woman ownership and leadership, and a woman head brewer. We're proud to publish our values online, and glad to share a beer with our friends.

The Beer, our Allies and our Cause

Trademark Brewing's Brave Noise brew is a 5.5% Hazy Pale Ale featuring Mosaic and Sabro. A perfect blend of styles, Brave Noise is aromatic, flavorful and refreshing.

This brew was supported by our industry allies, including: BSG, Omega Yeast, Blue Label Packaging, and Case by Case Canning. Their support has made a substantial impact on our ability to make a more generous donation to our selected non-profit. 

HollaBack! seeks to end harassment by transforming the culture of hate and harassment. We share their mission and values, and proceeds from our brew will be donated to HollaBack!

View Trademark Brewing's Code of Conduct

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