Order the freshest Trademark Brewing beer and tasty merch for convenient pickup at the brewery or shipped directly to your door. (Yes, coffee soon too!)
  1. Because Laws: beer can only only be shipped within California, and an adult signature is required.
  2. Because Logistics: California shipped beer is available in half or full case amounts (mixed cases are a-ok!).
  3. Not in California? Sorry friend, no beer for you. Checkout the sweet merch and non-alcoholic goodies.

To start - select how you'll get your order:

Drawing of Trademark Brewing facade with text "place an order to pickup at the brewery"
Shop for Taproom Pickup

Orders ready within 1 hour. We're open every day for pickup starting at noon.

Blue hexagon with golden silhouette of the state of California with text "order and have your beer shipped within california"
Shop for California Shipping

Order mixed full or half cases of beer and all your favorite merch. Beer shipments are sent Monday-Wednesday and require adult signature.

Blue hexagon with overlay of US map without California and text "have your order shipped outside of california"
Shop for Outside California Shipping

The Law says we can't ship beer outside of California - so treat yourself to merch and non-alcoholic goodies.