Part of the Grind - BBA Imperial Stout - Gift Box


Introducing the Part of the Grind Gift Kit – a tasty collection that walks the chemical tightrope: Coffee and Beer! Elevate your gifting game with this exclusive set featuring a bottle of Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, a bag of fresh roasted coffee beans crafted from the same beans used in the beer, and a smart Trademark Brewing coffee mug.

🍺 PART OF THE GRIND is a luscious BBA Imperial Stout with Coffee and Vanilla that clocks in at a hefty 13.5%. Huge notes of fresh-ground coffee are backed up with a pleasant whiskey character. The alcohol is warming, but not overwhelming, and smoothed out nicely by a creamy vanilla backbone.

COFFEE: Indulge in the origin coffee experience that complements our imperial stout. Sourced from El Salvador and Colombia, this blend celebrates exceptional beans. Enjoy a velvety mix of milk and chocolate, a subtle dance of almond and cocoa, and a refreshing burst of citrus zest. Warm notes of maple syrup sweetness and a delightful tangerine zing complete the profile. Suitable for espresso, pour over and drip preparations. 

🎁 CAMPFIRE MUG: Is it coffee or beer? We won't tell! Enhance your anytime beverage game with a Trademark campfire mug. 

Whether you're treating a beer aficionado, coffee lover, or someone who appreciates the finer things in life, the Part of the Grind Gift Kit is the select holiday box of celebration. 

Available for California shipping or brewery pickup starting December 5th.